Tapera Rukwanha | August 19, 2021

Believe me, you have what you need. In fact, you have all that you need with you.

When the earth was created there were no buildings, cars, clothes, technology or any of the present creations among us. The environment was entirely made up of raw resources like mineral elements, copper, iron, soil, stones, water, fruits and other natural resources. There is a reason why they are called man-made structures or inventions. This is simply because these new and present creations were made by man and are not natural.

Scientists, researchers, developers, manufacturers and anyone who creates something new or modifies anything goes through the process of thinking, discovering, analysing, evaluating and even more. This simply means when they look at a raw material like a fruit, they don’t end there but imagine it as something else other than a fruit leading to discoveries like juices and drinks. The same goes for a tree to get to the furniture part, a deep imagination together with time are combined to get to the point where you see yourself seated or sleeping on a tree but not as a tree. This becomes a point leading to another point and eventually tables, chairs and finally furniture.

The same assertion goes with life, we are only given raw resources, our job is to develop them into products useful to us. The point is not for one to become a carpenter, but to do the best with what you have no matter how little it can be and eventually it will lead to greatness. Today, that’s one of our problems as humans we want things on a silver platter, to be handed chairs, beverages, cell phones. Rather we should identify the raw materials in the little we have and mould them into these desired products. We can achieve more, we have to keep trying and correct our prior mistakes, eventually at the end of the tunnel, greatness awaits us. We got it.
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