An interesting 2021 at Inspishare: The Support, The Growth, The New Twists and More ...

Inspishare ® | December 28, 2021

When I started building Inspishare back in 2019, I never could predict that there would be exciting times ahead in the form of 2021. I never could predict that I would make amazing progress in sharing my newly learnt personal growth perspectives on Inspishare. I am happy that, I successfully managed to carry out different roles while I worked on Inspishare. Although, it was sometimes straining, I have come to believe that it was worth the effort because of the good progress that was recorded for Inspishare. Of particular interest is that in 2021, Inspishare managed garner a sizable audience.

This leaves me with a huge feeling of indebtedness to all the readers and supporters of the platform. Thank you very much for offering your valuable support! What is especially heartwarming is the fact that you didn't quickly give up on Inspishare even when content delivery was at best erratic and when the gist of Inspishare was still quite obscure. It is with great pleasure that I would like to say that by persistently reading up on the articles and by offering valuable feedback, you helped me to progressively clarify the vision for Inspishare.

Initially, when I conceived Inspishare, a lot was yet to be figured out. I hadn't figured out the exact nature of the prospective content and the target audience for the blog. I also hadn't figured out the key mission for Inspishare. At this point you may be tempted to interject and ask whether the mission was not about sharing inspiration. Yes it was, but a question that would naturally follow is, "Inspiration pertaining to what exactly?" Well, that much still had to be figured out.

Interestingly, however it all began to get clearer at the beginning of 2021 when I encountered a series of challenging experiences that culminated into personal growth opportunities. I generally had to cope with a lot of changes during that period. Still though, I am glad that within all this, I managed to spare some time for reading and personal reflections.

During my readings, I was quite thrilled to discover, a book entitled "The Obstacle is the way" by Ryan Holiday, which offered me new perspectives of thinking, that grounded me and kept me optimistic even as I went through a time of great uncertainty. The reflections and the perspectives from the book unleashed within me an undepletable source of enthusiasm to explore positive lessons and growth opportunities that lay hidden in unusual experiences. That brought with it many important lessons.

I was so enthusiastic about the lessons so much that I was prompted to share some of the lessons on the Inspishare blog and others with my friends and siblings. Eventually as I continued to share the lessons, they came to have a significant contribution to the content that I posted on Inspishare. I totally enjoyed the process. I experienced the joy of creating content from life's adventures.

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All that, moved me to become fond of the way that I was growing in terms of altering my thought perspectives, attitudes and reactions. Fundamentally it offered me an elating realisation: That Inspishare should be really about sharing personal growth inspiration through offering relatable, lived personal experiences and new perspectives. It was definitely fulfilling to discover a clearly defined content niche in which to focus.

Even though I had decided to associate Inspishare with personal growth content, I quickly realised that personal growth in itself is interconnected with other areas of focus such as leadership, networking, entrepreneurship and career development. Such a realisation triggered me to deeply explore those interconnections, which eventually led me to hunt for knowledge and upbuilding content on a wide variety of topics related to personal growth.

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From my knowledge hunt, I became cognisant of an amazing Television show entitled, "In Conversation With Trevor", which featured insightful and inspirational interviews of prominent and effective leaders like Dr Nigel Chanakira, Dr Lance Mambondiani, Mrs Nyaradzo Moyo, just to name but a few. The show mainly unpacked the lives of the prominent leaders, with a main focus on their careers. I could not help but notice how relatable their experiences were. Many of them did not start their journeys on a silver platter. They worked worked hard towards effectiveness.

Needless to say that I was perpetually inspired by the show. What is more, I discovered the fascination that springs from exploring well proven perspectives offered by other people. People generally have amazing and inspirational stories to tell. That fact, altered my perspective and motivated me to begin crafting Inspishare to be a more people-centric social media platform, hosting and sharing diverse perspectives from different people.

Such a remarkable shift gave rise to a new feature on Inspishare which is called the Personal Philosophy Diary. It is a new feature, which I envision to become a large repository of validated ideas on personal growth and effectiveness that are offered by different people from all walks life. Given that it will feature a multiplicity of perspectives by different people, the feature may be subsequently renamed to Perspectives.

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As I was polishing the idea for the new feature another idea struck me. I could also include perspectives offered by authors of different books, some of whom we may not manage to get in touch with in person. That would also offer me a chance to feature book recommendations and to encourage personal growth enthusiasts to read books that offer a wide array of perspectives. The proposed title of the new feature is, Inspireads. With that new feature, we may be able to discuss issues around readership such as overcoming barriers to establishing a consistent reading habit and spearhead personal growth. Truth be told, these projections really give a glimpse of the potentially exciting times ahead. I really look forward to realisation of these new developments on the platform.

With 2021, came along new and interesting perspectives that culminated into the subsequent development of Inspishare. It has been an exciting journey, which we hope will spill over into the coming years. A big thank you to everyone who has been part of the journey or has contributed to it in some way, including the loyal members of the Inspishare Updates WhatsApp group.

We, really hope that there will be new and interesting twists waiting in store in 2022 for Inspishare and its community of loyalists. Well, we cannot know for a certainty what the future holds. Let's just keep the fingers crossed and work together to craft a future that has a high probability of succumbing to our wishes.

- Strive Karadzangare
Founder and Content Creator @ Inspishare