Finding it hard to start reading (personal growth) books - Blog Series Introduction

Strive Karadzangare | January 4, 2022

Developing a reading habit can be quite life changing owing to the power that reading can yield on our minds. Reading yields the potential to virtually take us to new places. Better yet, it explores unprecedented connections in familiar places. Reading exposes us to new information while simultaneously revealing new perspectives in well-known information. Reading can, therefore, help us to refine our thinking. It is a powerful tool for learning and self-improvement. Moreover, it is a fun and fulfilling hobby for many people who enjoy reading. Still however, there are some who find reading to be a daunting activity. How can such people also develop a passion for reading?

That is what this blog series will explore. I hope it will help aspiring readers to discover the pleasures of reading. I do not intent to share my perspectives only, rather, I hope this blog series will present a social opportunity to everyone at different stages of readership to celebrate their "careers" in reading and to connect over a mutual interest. With that, I hope that we will inspire at best someone who loathes reading to start reading. I hope to connect with people who are enthusiastic about reading.

So what's with the focus on personal growth books in this blog series ?

Well, it all boils down to the fact that Inspishare's main focus is on personal growth content. However, you can still learn quite a lot from some books that do not necessarily focus on personal growth only. They could be books on business, philosophy, psychology or history. So if you aren't interested in personal growth content, do not be put off. This series will generally feature interesting perspectives on cultivating a reading habit in general. Therefore some ideas are universally applicable.

The parts that we hope to cover are as follows:

Finding it hard to start reading [personal growth] books ?

1- Trust me, I have been there
1½- Pick up the right book
2- Well try this short one.
3- These ideas maybe worth a try.
4- Strengthen your commitment.
5- You may be missing out.
6- Others are enjoying.
7- Newfound inspiration.
Finding it hard to start reading [personal growth] books ~ Trust me I've been there