Finding it hard to start reading [personal growth] books ~ Pick the right book first

Strive Karadzangare | January 24, 2022

In the previous and article in this blog series I expressed how I felt hopeless that I would ever develop a reading habit. Many people express a similar sentiment especially, after realising the life changing impact that reading personal growth content can have. In that pretext, I am quite grateful that a friend mine probed me to develop a reading habit, by introducing me to fun-to-read personal growth books. Cognisant of the positive effects of reading on the mind and ultimately my daily interaction, I grew more fond of reading personal growth books. However, not all personal growth books offer the same benefits.

On the subject of personal growth, there is a vast pool of books from which to choose. Good as it may sound, it can present a challenge to a first timer. Often times, they have to choose the highest yielding books for them to enjoy the read. But, how can they do so when they are yet to read their first personal growth book? Well, some have resorted to asking uncle Google, who only but offers vague recommendations that may not even be well suited to the needs and level of proficiency of the aspiring reader. That can cause a serious disappointment to the aspiring reader. It may even extinguish their little remaining flame of enthusiasm for reading. Therefore it is important to remember that:

"You cannot just randomly select a book and start reading it, expecting to find enjoyment"

A better thing however, would be to pick up a title which piques your interest and steals away your attention for a while. You definitely need enjoy what you read, otherwise it would be difficult to maintain an unwavering determination to cultivate a reading habit. It is a lesson that I learned at the genesis of my reading adventure.

Do you remember, that in the previous article, I expressed how I was drawn to start reading personal growth content after I serendipitously encountered an excerpt from a book by Stephen Covey during my final exam in high school? Well, that passage provided a glimpse of the book entitled, the Seven Habits of Effective People. Although it was short, the passage offered me perspectives on how I could approach self-improvement, something I had been longing to partake of. As I was reading the passage I felt as if I was experiencing an epiphany. I just couldn't wait to finish the exam to head back home and look for the book. Simply put, I was engaged.

Like I have just intimated, my experience was rather a serendipitous discovery of a highly engaging book that ultimately bolstered my interest to read personal growth books.

Does that mean any other first timer needs a serendipitous encounter for them to find a book that will get them engaged ?

Well not really. Rather they can actively seek out books that may interest them.

One way to do so is by looking for recommendations from different people who read content which is aligned their (first timers) interests. Often times people recommend books or content that they found to be interesting. If several other people else enjoyed it, there is greater chance that you (the first timer) will enjoy it too. Of course, we all have different tastes, but anecdotal evidence has it that a dish that is generally considered delicious by many will taste as such to a first timer. So look out for recommended books especially best sellers.

You can discover such books through various channels. It could be through your friends, through a bookclub, a bookshop, library or through some media programs. One media program from which I obtained stellar book recommendations is a TV show entitled, "In Conversation with Trevor". Each episode of the show features an interview of a leader who unpacks their life and career experiences, with the help of Trevor, the host. At the end of the show Trevor, the host, probes the guest leader to offer book recommendations to the audience. From that, I have picked several amazing books titles. I guess it is worth a try by every aspiring reader. The entire show is hosted on YouTube. Please do check it out.

Ever since, I discovered the show, I have been unsolicitedly recommending the show to several friends of mine who have since expressed how much they fell in love with the show. From that experience, I realised the powerful effect of offering recommendations to other people. As such I am happy to hint you that soon Inspishare will be hosting book recommendations through a Web and social media based program called Inspireads. Do look out for it.

Now that you have vicariously learned of the effectiveness of listening to book recommendations, what's next?

Obviously, book recommendations from several sources will undoubtedly leave you with an overwhelming amount of prospective titles to read up on. That is why you may definitely need to pick up the most interesting one first. So, the most obvious thing to do is to filter that one, by having a glimpse of each book, through reading book descriptions and prefaces. From that you may discover ideas that are relatable and naturally capture you attention.

And before you know it, you will be deeply lost in your book of choice, exploring the perspectives proffered by the author. If it is a story, you may be teleported to the story land, intuitively observing as the story unfold. That way you will have began on your reading journey.

As mentioned in the foregoing, for you to enjoy reading and begin a lifelong reading journey, you have to pick out the right book for a start. It should be the kind of book that will immerse you into the writings of the author. One way to pick the right book is by commencing on a search for highly recommended books.

I am thus happy to notify that the next article in this blog series will be recommending a short but interesting beginner-friendly book which explore the topic of change in life and how to effectively deal with the disruptions it brings. Hang tight!!!

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Finding it hard to start reading [personal growth] books ~ You may want to try this one
Finding it hard to start reading [personal growth] books ~ Trust me I've been there