Finding it hard to start reading [personal growth] books ~ You may want to try this one

Strive Karadzangare | February 16, 2022

In the previous article, it was certainly pleasurable to remark, how we may be able to pick great books just by following on the recommendations that are offered by other people.

As many would testify, picking an interesting book to read as a first time reader will forever leave you with an indelible impression that reading books is an interesting hobby. Interestingly, our contemporaries have found a perfect metaphor for being highly engaged by a book. They call it getting lost in a book. Yes, that is the catchy phrase used to describe the experience of being deeply immersed in a book. It feels almost like getting lost in a dense jungle filled with fascinating flora and fauna. You just don't want to miss any moment. You do not want to do anything else. You just want to indulge in what the book has to offer. Well, that sounds like the experience that I had when I was goring through pages of a fascinatingly inspirational book, which I will be recommending later in this article.

Before I give that recommendation, it is quite important to note that, book recommendations from other readers are one fruitful way through which you can discover highly engaging books, just as I intimated in the previous article.

The amazing book which I will hint you on, was recommended to me by a friend, who was excited to air on social media, the pleasure that he derived from reading the book. Driven by my somewhat over exaggerated inherent curiosity, I sought to find out what the book was all about, so I acquired a copy and started reading the book. As soon as I got the storyline, I suddenly surrendered all my consciousness to the task of reading the book. I just couldn't get off the book, which fascinatingly championed a unique style of teaching. It divulged an important personal growth lessons on "adapting to change" through an allegory. The story brought, lessons on "adapting to change" closer home. And so it got me to think about how change may sweep us off our feet, when it is unprecedented. I can say that I had "picked the right book", one that spoke to me.

The previous article in this blog series explained how, picking up the right book as someone cultivating a reading habit, will likely culminate in success. Furthermore the article offered the perspective that, by relying on book recommendations from other people we may be able to pick up interesting book titles without going through any difficulty.

It so came to me as I was planning on writing this blog series that, I could recommend a book that has been enjoyed by many people whom, I interacted with. The book features different perspectives on how we can effectively deal with change in life. I therefore feel that a brief digression into the "pervasiveness of change" in our lives, would be a befitting way to introduce the book.

Let's face it, when we hit a sweet spot in life, i.e. when life starts going smooth, we always yearn for things to stay the same way. We may get too comfortable in the usual. We then succumb to the common fallacious trap of thinking that everything will stay the same even as time passes by. However, life has a way of zapping us up when we get too comfortable, ambulating us from the comfort of our usual experience and confounding our lives with a multiplicity of changes. The truth is that change comes to us in different forms and at different levels. Sometimes we just can't be sure of the change we will encounter, but what is definitely true is that remarkable changes will occur in our lives either by mere chance or naturally as with events governed by the natural order.

Therefore we need a systematic way of dealing with it. What would constitute a punishable error is failure to notice when small changes in the present are accumulating to compound into larger future changes that would be difficult to deal with. The punishment may often come as regret, confusion and dismay, and even substantial losses sometimes.

That was the ordeal of two little humans who are described in the book, Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson. The little humans stayed near a large deposit of cheese, which was an important source food. They grew confident that each morning they woke up, they would find some cheese at that deposit. Nevertheless, they had become so complacent that, everyday they would assuredly continue to eat the cheese, failing to notice how the cheese was gradually depleting.

One morning however, they woke up to a nasty realisation. They had depleted all the cheese. Ignorant of the fact that they had slowly but surely eaten all the cheese, they were only but tempted to think that someone had "moved it away". So they looked around all over near their place, but that was of no use as they couldn't find anything. Never expecting that something like that would happen, they felt dejected. They unexpectedly met the harsh reality of change. As such they had to deal with the consequences of failing to quickly adapt to change.

So how did they eventually cope? Did they survive the harsh ordeal ?
what practicable lessons did they learn from such an ordeal? What lessons can you draw from the story?

Well, there is only one way to find out. To get answers to those questions raised above, I would like to invite you to get a copy of the book entitled, "Who moved my Cheese, ". It is a really short book. If you obsess over completing any book quickly like myself, you may as well finish it in just one evening.

As you noticed this blog article is quite shorter than the preceding articles. This was intentional. Having build much anticipation for the book, Who moved my cheese, I wouldn't want to keep you here for long. Too bad if you have already read the book. In that case, that may well indicate that you are a seasoned reader or at least you once had an interesting reading encounter. In that case I would love to hear your experiences reading that book an others. Let us interact about our reading experiences in the comments section.

If you have started on a reading journey, you may be looking for new perspectives on how to remain committed, given that changes in life come about, time and time again, disrupting our plans an our schedules. How can you maintain an unwavering commitment? Look out for the next articles in the series.
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