A newfound sense of why - Blog Series Introduction

Strive Karadzangare | March 7, 2022

Let's admit it, we often get very excited when we finally understand the reason why something is the way it is. When we finally connect the dots we often cannot help but express our joy. It is natural for us to feel good about ourselves when we make considerable progress in quenching our curiosity.

Even though we may feel excited when we finally get the answers to our burning questions, it is also true that we may get excited when we discover a new and unexpected truth, or when discover for the first time that our assumptions pertaining to something are actually validated by expert research.

When we discover a new and unexpected fact that's augmentative to what we previously thought, we often experience a paradigm shift in our thinking. We alter our old mode of thinking so as to accommodate the new light, that is the new perspectives. It can really be quite an emotive experience.

That is exactly what this blog series is about. It is intended to share some paradigm-shifting facts that alter viewpoints on different topics that are related to personal growth. Far from just shedding light on the why and what, the series will also touch on the paradigm shift in thinking that the author went through when they discovered a new and interesting phenomenon.

First, in the series will be the article entitled:
A newfound sense of why to be a good team player.
Based on well-established research, the article will explore how the poor contribution of one team member can affect the whole team, even resulting in the disintegration of the group.

Look out for the series.
A newfound sense of why to be a great team player
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