Tapera Rukwanha | June 14, 2022

"I realized that with the pandemic making it more difficult for people to afford basic necessities like food and rent, or even leave their homes, there was a need beckoning from the diaspora waiting to be filled", said Kerita, in an interview with Aljazeera.

Kerita Choga, a 35 year old Zimbabwen lady is a stellar example of someone who, thrived in a positive direction during the Covid-19 induced lockdown, which presented a bleak period for the entire country and most businesses. However, her strong case of resilience is seen from how she started a business even when established businesses were downscaling their operations. She was unstopped by the situation in which she found herself.

Since she was unaffected by the negative socioeconomic circumstances surrounding her, she reminds most of us about how ambassadors of foreign countries are "unaffected" by the circustances prevailing in their host country.

An ambassador is a representative of a specified activity or task. If the Ambassador is a country representative in Zimbabwe from another country. He or she is not affected by situations in Zimbabwe or affecting Zimbabwe.

Just because he or she is in Zimbabwe does not make him or her a Zimbabwean.

Kerita Choga became like an ambassador when she pulled through the socioeconomic negatives of the pandemic. A wow example.

In Life we do not have to allow situations rule our lives and live by the Sun. Rather we should be ambassadors of a better reality and go in the positive direction in the midst of negatives. Where you are at currently, is not a setback. Rather it is your chance to become an ambassador of a better reality.

According to Aljazeera, In just three months, Choga has taken on five people to service clients who want goods purchased and delivered to their families in five other cities around Zimbabwe.

That's right, Choga started an errand service business called Tuma Kerri. The business's major aim is to help homebound clients to get good and services in the comfort of their homes. A good part of their clientele are people from diaspora who need someone to run errands on behalf of their older, homebound parents.

Choga plans on developing an app to make it even easier for clients to access her services, she said. And she is currently in the process of registering her firm to move it out of the informal economy and put it on firmer footing.
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